What is Phytotherapy?

What is Phytotherapy?

Phytotherapy is a science-based medical practice and thus is distinguished from other, more traditional approaches, such as medical herbalism, which relies on an empirical appreciation of medicinal herbs and which is often linked to traditional knowledge. (


Phytotherapy in simple is Phyto - the use of plants materials provided by mother nature, Therapy - treatment intended to relieve or heal certain disorder, by going through certain actions over and over again.

Phytotherapy dates back long ago from our ancestors and its effectiveness is nowadays validated based on proven results. Different from modern pharmaceutical results that are "predicted", Phytotherapy success still depends on many factors  such  as the quality of the plants, the frequency and dosage used to provide desired outcome.

Originally Phytotherapy uses medicinal herbs picked from the nature freshly and prepared in a traditional way for treatment. Over time, such practice no longer available due to the weather, demands and scarcity of herbs growing wild. Hence humans find ways to preserve beneficial plants in ways so that can be stored and used when the time is needed. 


Common methods are;

Cold pressed - when parts of plants that have high content of oil are pressed with high pressure to provide beneficial oils, cold pressed oil.

Maceration - when parts of plants are soaked with fluid so that the molecules of interest from the plant transfers to the fluid called plant extract.

Distillation - when parts of plants are distilled and cooled to retrieve the beneficial by products called essential oil and hydrosol/ floral water.

It is very common for products to contain the above ingredients, but yet not considered as Phytotherapy. Only with the right and appropriate formulation, Phytotherapy can help to improve disorders. It is also the safest method of treatment if prolonged sessions are needed.


Phytotherapy is the core essence of Beauty Barn. Beauty Barn formulates 100% natural plant based ingredients products for allergic children that need prolonged treatments or to maintain and prevent breakouts and inflammations.

Please note that even though our products uses only 100% natural ingredients, it still may cause skin allergy for very few individuals. Read "What is allergy?" blog on this. 

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