Respiratory allergy. Respiratory allergies are caused by proteins in the air that are inhaled and trigger airway inflammation. They may be due to specific allergic reactions such as dust mites, animal fur, plant pollen, or more general reactions to irritants such as smoke and fumes in the indoor and outdoor environment that can aggravate allergy symptoms. To read further please check this link out

Respiratory allergy cannot be healed and needs constant relieve depending on the situation. My son has respiratory allergy that causes him to prefer to breathe through his mouth, which is of course not ideal because our mouth does not have the correct receptors to filter the air we breathe in. It is because of his need that I formulated these respiratory range to aid his breathing and to build good breathing habit. Frankly, I would want to prevent as much intake of antihistamines as possible for my family. But when my son start to show swollen red watery eyes, extreme runny nose and constant coughing, I do let him take the necessary medicine.

These products are not medicine and will not cure respiratory allergies, but it can give better quality breathing and helps also a lot during the flu season for any child or even the whole family. Please read carefully on the instruction before use.

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