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Eczema, dermatitis atopic, diaper rash, seborrheic and some other skin irritation, are resulted when our body comes contact with allergens. It may be from the food or drink, from the environment, from hormone, from certain substance that comes in contact with the skin. There are many factors that can cause allergic reactions. Basically, the body immune system is not well developed to “understand” that the allergens are not dangerous. This happens a lot to children age lower than 5 years due to their undeveloped body system.

Having eczema throughout my life and also dealing with my children’s conditions, I learn that any kind of skin irritation caused by allergy can actually be controlled. We can control our skin allergy if we decided to learn about our skin’s condition and would want invest to take care of our skin. Listen to our skin so we can treat our skin accordingly and prevent flare ups.

Indeed to keep allergy away is to keep it hydrated. Many are mistaken that one should only invest on the best body lotion to keep skin staying hydrated and supple. Actually, it is the soap or any kind of cleansing function products play the greatest role! Why is that so? Well, our skin need what is called as the acid mantle (produced by our body) to protect and keep the skin healthy. Most of the cleansing products literally strips off this acid mantle every time we take a bath. It will take time and great effort from our skin to reproduce the acid mantle again. In babies and children, their immune system are usually much lower, hence leaving the skin most often unprotected. Even though applying body lotion helps a lot for allergy prone skin, it is actually quite pointless if we were to purposely strip off that acid mantle every time we take a a bath.

So, 1st step to allergy free skin is THE SOAP then of course supporting body lotion. Also beware on what kind of lotion do we apply on our skin. The skin absorbs around 60% of what we put on it. Good or bad. 

When anybody consult with me regarding skin allergy or allergy prone skin, I would definitely recommend from the soap and shampoo, then body lotion then to our all purpose soother ointment for those stubborn areas. The recommended range is to work together hand in hand to help skin to get back its original condition as fast as possible. It is best to use the whole series to get the best result. Every skin is different. Progress will also takes different time lengths. I truly urge to treat allergic skin as early as possible and take prevention steps from the start. 

Below are the product ranges categorized by type of skin. Other than allergy triggered conditions, our products also helps with skin issues such as heat rash, miliaria or other similar conditions. I hope with the 100% natural ingredients product ranges we have, we can help your family to have healthy skin all year round.

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