Unknowingly, the household products we use day to day with purpose of making our home a more comfortable place to live somehow can trigger allergy flare ups. Through my experience the most common ones are products that has overpowering aromas and those that come in contact with our hands.
With my daughter’s sensitive hands and my son’s sensitive nose, having household products that is safe for my kids & pet is a very big challenge for me. The effort of creating gentle products but serve its functions to make our home a more comfy place is an epic journey on its own.
Our household products are not only safe for babies and everybody in the house but it also has a pleasant soothing smell and the most important part is doing its job as it claims. You will never find something as thoughtful as what we have designed for your home. Check out the range below for a better quality life for you and your family.

Hand Care

Linen Care

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